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The Brainstorm Experience

The Brainstorm Experience is a recurring series bringing our community together in a stimulating and engaging environment in which learning, connection, and inspiration provoke our imaginations. These experiences enhance our understanding of the strengths and vulnerabilities of our most important organ, the brain, and ultimately foster peace and compassion. The Brainstorm Experience is introducing topics of brain health in new, informative, and engaging ways in order to bridge the gap for someone who may be suffering in silence, knows someone who needs extra support, or simply wants to deepen their knowledge on brain health issues.

The Brainstorm Experience 2018 Schedule

UPCOMING: Our next Experience takes place on February 27th and features one of our greatest brain health champions, Kevin Hines. In September, 2000 Kevin Hines leapt off the Golden Gate Bridge. He survived, and in the 17 years since has become an inspiring brain health champion to those feeling hopeless, suffering with brain health challenges, and to the families left behind who are wondering why their loved ones are gone. Kevin is an author, brain health activist, and story teller whose message is inspirational and eye opening. Kevin is a beacon of hope to those suffering with brain health challenges.