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The Avielle Foundation is committed to educating community members on what we know and what we don’t know about brain health. We are working hard to develop a brain health course and manual that will serve as a resource for the everyday citizen, a tool box if you will, that we can all take home and look to in times of challenge or crisis. In the mean time, TAF, in partnership with the Resiliency Center of Newtown, has a team of instructors certified by the National Council for Behavioral Health to facilitate Brain Health First Aid Courses. We have taught these courses across the country and offer them for free in Newtown on a quarterly basis.

Youth and Adult Brain Health First Aid are 8-hour certification courses that teach how to identify, understand, and respond to the signs and symptoms of brain (aka “mental”) illnesses and substance use disorders in either youth or adults. It is no secret that life presents countless challenges and changes, making us vulnerable to deep social and emotional distress. This is normal and expected, but at some point, these can become great enough that they interrupt one’s ability to lead a healthy life. As a certain amount of adversity is expected, it may be difficult to recognize when this point has been reached, the difference between “normal” and “problem” behaviors. Brain Health First Aid takes the fear and hesitation out of starting conversations about brain health and substance use problems. With an improved understanding and an action plan for safely and responsibly identifying and addressing potential brain health problems, you will be better equipped to aid you and your loved ones. Below is a list of upcoming courses that are free of charge to residents of Newtown and surrounding communities through the Spark Program:

September 13, 2017 – Youth Brain Health First Aid – Sign-Up HERE

October 12, 2017 – Adult Brain Health First Aid – Sign-Up HERE