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Welcome to the TAF spotlight on research and learning library
This is where we highlight key or novel scientific findings in the fields of brain health and neuroscience related to the mission of The Avielle Foundation and make these findings accessible (and searchable) for everyone! Whether you are a neuroscientist, student, parent, teacher, healthcare provider, or ANYONE with any curiosity about these topics, we invite you to ‘check this out’ and have designed this library for you. We summarize and provide links to research focused on the neuroscience behind violence and compassion with the goal of bringing the science out of the lab and/or academic journals so that it reaches a broader audience. We aim to do this by providing summaries to the linked research that are digestible and written in plain language. 
We are building our library and welcome submissions! If you are aware of a research study or a publicly available talk related to the neuroscience of violence or compassion, we’d love to hear about it! Please click here, including a link to the research or talk, and we will be happy to review it.

Marni AmsellemMarni Amsellem, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who consults with non-profit organizations, corporations and hospitals, as a researcher, clinician, and writer. Her professional specialties include understanding behavior, prevention, decision-making, and stress and coping, particularly as they relate to health and illness. She brings years of experience reviewing evidence-based literature and analyzing prevention and service delivery-related datasets to the Avielle Foundation. Marni has served as a research consultant to various hospitals, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies over the years and has collaborated in many interdisciplinary contexts. Her writing can be found on various websites and blogs in which social science is made more accessible to the public. She also values volunteer service, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of a national violence prevention organization, as a brain health advisor. Marni received her doctorate in clinical psychology at Washington University, and her undergraduate degree in human development from Cornell University.

Recommended reading: Wired to Create

Reviewed by Marni Amsellem, Ph.D. A great read for anyone who wants to understand the science behind creativity should check out Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind by Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire… Read More

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Recommended reading: When breath becomes air

by Marni Amsellem, Ph.D. If you have an appreciation for both the fragility as well as the humanity of the brain, you will want to read Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Becomes Air. More accurately, if you HAVE a… Read More

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The Pareto Principal and Social Burden

Many of us have heard of some form of the 80:20, or Pareto Principal. For example 80% of a country’s wealth lies in 20% of the population; or 80% of a business’ profits are generated by 20% of… Read More

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Survey results on exercise and psychological well-being

In 2000, a group of researchers from the Finnish National Public Health Institute surveyed a section of the Finnish population, searching for an association between exercise and psychological well-being. Participants answered questions regarding their exercise habits, perceived health, and fitness. In addition, the… Read More

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Book Review: Psychology: Essential Thinkers, Classic Theories, and How They Inform Your World

On the one hand, Psychology: Essential Thinkers, Classic Theories,and How They Inform Your World by Dr. Andrea Bonior is a compilation of useful summaries of thought-provoking ideas and influential thinkers, and on other hand, this book is an easy-to-digest,  visually appealing,… Read More

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Are some of us wired to be more resilient?

These days, there is much talk of resilience. This is not surprising, as there are ample stressors in our daily lives and in our world, and some people seem to fare better in the face of stressors than… Read More

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Things we can do to help our brains help us feel good: Meditation

Ask meditation devotees and they will tell you with conviction that their meditative practice brings about positive change within them. There is a lot of research that supports these experiences; whether it be a more positive mood after… Read More

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More big evidence that mindfulness keeps the doctor away

 It is hard not to observe that the concept of “mindfulness” is currently very popular. According to Miriam-Webster Dictionary, mindfulness is “the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or… Read More

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Gratitude on the brain

Everyone seems to be talking about gratitude these days. Many who practice gratitude recognize in themselves that identifying and expressing gratitude makes them feel good. There is also a growing body of research (recently even fMRI studies) which… Read More

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Exercise on the Brain

This post is a summary of a Brain Science podcast in which host Ginger Campbell, MD, interviewed psychiatrist John Ratey about the effects of exercise on the brain. Essentially, Dr. Rater argued that exercise promotes changes in chemistry in your brain which he further… Read More

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