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Violence: Understand it to end it

We are working closely with world leaders in brain health research to study the brain and to understand why someone would engage in harmful behavior.  In the field of brain health, too little is known about what drives violent behaviors. Clearly something is wrong with a person capable of perpetrating violence, violence to self or to others. It is important to recognize that the brain is the organ that ultimately houses our memories, feelings, and behaviors. Therefore if a behavior is abnormal, it must be the result of abnormal brain chemistry and structure. We hope to better understand the biological and environmental factors associated with these abnormal behaviors and how one can protect against them to build compassion, kindness, connection, and resilience. We are exploring differences in brain structure, biochemistry, and function that explain differences in behaviors. We can then educate students, parents, teachers, healthcare providers, law enforcement, and other community members about how to identify and responsibly advocate for those at risk of violence. We can develop and put into practice innovative policies to facilitate effective prevention and intervention programs. Education and information will dispel fear and trepidation associated with getting help. Hope stems from understanding, and with this hope, we can actively build protective factors within ourselves, advocate for our loved ones, and create compassionate, kind, connected, and resilient communities.

Making the Invisible Visible

The Avielle Foundation is funding neuroscience, clinical, and public health research to identify and understand brain pathologies and environmental risk factors that lead to aggression and violence, and to foster individual and community-based protective factors that help prevent violence and, most importantly, lead to compassion, kindness, resilience, health, wellness, and protection of our loved ones.

We have a research and program grant selection process to determine where the Avielle Foundation funds are distributed. Successful applicants are chosen in one of two areas:

  1. Novel neuroscience, clinical, or public health research focused on understanding the biochemical and behavioral mechanisms of violence and compassion.
  2. Innovative public health, education, awareness, or engagement programs that foster protective factors and build compassion or focus on effective strategies to prevent, intervene, or cure violence.

Many of the world’s leaders in neuroscience, neurology, psychiatry, clinical psychology, social work, emotional intelligence, and education serve on our selection committee, reviewing and prioritizing research fellow recipients.

To learn more about our currently funded research programs and available opportunitiesClick HERE.

Change your ‘Braintality’

We have established the Avielle Foundation to address the causes of violence and to foster compassion through a focus on brain health. To learn more CLICK HERE